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Quatrro's Technical Solutions offerings include both branded and private label solutions. As computers have become more and more sophisticated, the job of keeping them running has fallen to an ever-increasing group of specialists known collectively as "Tech Support Specialists". The first port of call is generally the manufacturer's Tech Support. Manufacturers and other service providers have started to scale back on in-house technical support staff to cut costs. The Quatrro offering is a solution beyond just the computer. It can be expanded to peripherals and other devices, providing a total solution in one place.

Most experienced BPO team based out of India
Quatrro has seized this opportunity and built a business by providing help to end consumers, who may not appreciate the difference between a COM port and a CPU. This solution provides quality and timely resolution to the customer's tech problems, irrespective of where the consumer may be geographically located or the nature of the problem or the platform (PC or Macintosh).

Quatrro’s Online Backup Solution offers users greater flexibility in their data management. We offer secure and easy access to the data with no hardware to buy and no hidden costs or fees. Online backup is not a new idea or service, but has just recently become a more viable solution for data security due to technological advances making storage more economical and connection speeds faster.

The team consists of professionals who have managed and run BPO operations for industry leaders such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, among others. Our Technical Support Engineers have a minimum 2 years of PC or call center support experience in dealing with such problems.

Our support consultants have a wide range of Certifications, which include but are not limited to: A+, MCP, CCNA, MCSE, CCNP, Net+. Red Hat, Linux and Mac OS (Apple).

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